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With a consolidated experience, achieved in varied files, from the ones regarding simple offences to complex cases, Motorga, Canureci & Associates’s lawyers have gained the trust of customers, defending their interests at the highest standards and guaranteeing in this manner the full exercise of their rights, through well prepared strategies.

We offer assistance and representation in the criminal prosecution stage, in front of the criminal investigation authorities and of the prosecutor, in front of the rights and liberties judge, in front of the precognition judge, as well as in front of the courts of law, in the judgement stage. The assistance you can have is related to the criminal files in appeal or to extraordinary remedies at law.

Our lawyers offer legal assistance in the criminal trial, for the suspect or defendant as well as for the injured person, civil party or civil liable party.

The assistance of a lawyer during the criminal trial involves first of all the assistance and representation in the criminal prosecution stage, which is materialized by preparing requests, assisting the performance of the various criminal prosecution acts, as well as hearing the suspects / defendants, researches on the spot, re-enactments, perquisitions etc.

Also, if preventive measures are taken in the case, such as the measure of the judicial control or house arrest or preventive arrest, our law practice ensures assistance during the whole period of these legal procedures.

For the judgement phase of the criminal trial, our lawyers ensure complete assistance services, starting with the formulation of the defence strategy, until drafting any documents for ensuring an effective and concrete defence of the customer, as well as the verbal defence of the case in the first instance, appeal or extraordinary remedies at law.


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