SCA MOTORGA, CANURECI & ASSOCIATES grants legal counselling, legal assistance, judicial and extra-judicial representation, in relation to various fields of the civil law.

Our practice offers civil law judicial services, which include judicial consultancy, making requests and drafting and negotiating civil agreements (sales, exchange, loan, lease, donation agreements, etc.) and their analysis and certification in terms  of lawfulness.

Also we ensure representation in any kind of civil litigations (declaratory actions, claim actions, possessory actions, successions and divisions, severances of the joint tenancies, evictions, enforcement, enforcement appeals, actions related to human rights provided by the European Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Liberties and its additional protocols etc.).

We make steps in order to recover civil receivables by drafting payment demands and notifications to the debtors, representation in relation to the debtor at the direct conciliation procedure, through amicable resolution of litigations through direct mediation and conciliation, through legal assistance to enforcement, for creditors as well as for debtors.

In terms of succession law, we offer assistance for legal, notarial and testamentary  partition, for opening the notary successoral procedures and inventory of the successoral goods. We phrase and support the action for claiming assets of the chart of heirs, of the severance of the joint tenancy, the action for the cancellation of the heir certificate.

Our practice performs legal steps to attract the civil liability in malpractice cases for professional errors committed during the performance of the medical act (as example: ignorance of the patient's medical past, wrong examination, wrong interpretation of the symptoms, failure to refer the patient for a specialty consultation, negligence, insufficient medical knowledge, etc.) or to attract the civil liability in case the doctor also failed to comply with criminal law regulations through the action committed, and the action also has the constitutive elements of an offence.


We offer integrated judicial services in the business law, energy & natural resources, tax law, civil law, penal law,  labour law, intellectual property, environmental law, banking and real estate.  Contact us!

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