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Our lawyers have always focused on establishing strong contacts with our clients and understanding their interests. This is a part of our culture. The dynamism of our team comes from the personal approach of each case. 

We have built a reputation by offering consultancy in a creative and astute manner, customizing each judicial solution. We don't compromise when we are talking about offering exceptional judicial services to our customers.

Each lawyer brings a unique set of competences, and the objectives which brought us together are the will to develop a long term carrier, the partnership and mutual commitment which make us a strong and success oriented team. The management of the law firm is provided by: 







Ciprian Andrei Motorga is a founder of Motorga, Canureci & Associates. Ciprian is a bachelor of law, has a master's degree in criminal science and is a member of the Bucharest Bar and of the National Union of the Romanian Bars since 2014. 

Beside the strong personality, he was involved since his academic period and has worked with various law firms to learn the necessary skills for performing the lawyer profession.

Also, beside the oratorical talent, it is essential for a lawyer to write impeccably, so he has published various articles and studies in specialty magazines, such as: "Perspectives regarding the environmental policy at national and community level", "Preventing and fighting against money laundering", "The diplomatic perspective on Romania's policy in the EU” etc.

The solid training, ambition and perseverance brought the recognition and faith of the ones with which he worked.

Presently, the activity Ciprian Motorga performs in our practice is mainly focused on preparing criminal legal opinions and actions, participating to criminal prosecution acts, consultancy in the field of electric energy, gas and oil, consultancy in the judicial procedures for the control of documents issued by the central or local administration authorities, environmental law, pharmaceutical field.

Ciprian Motorga speaks fluently English, Italian and Spanish. 


The golden rule for any lawyer is this: Put yourself in the place of your client!

E-mail: ciprian.motorga@cccm.ro



Claudiu Canureci is a founder of Motorga, Canureci & Associates. Claudiu has been a member of the Bucharest Bar and of the National Union of the Romanian Bars for 24 years. 

The various legal situations managed during his career make him a specialist in civil and commercial law, labour law, intellectual and industrial property law, administrative court.

His main areas of expertise are mergers, acquisitions and privatizations, real estate, immigration and malpractice. 

Claudiu Canureci has extensive knowledge and professional experience in assisting and representing clients in various civil, commercial, administrative and criminal litigations, such as debt recovery, enforcement matters, labor conflicts, actions for the recovery of possession, pollution tax recovery, restitution, cancellation of the abusive banking terms, insolvency and bankruptcy.

He frequently attends international conference, and through these events, through the brainstorming and the creation of professional collaboration relations with international companies of foreign lawyers he gives more novelty to the team.

Claudiu Canureci speaks fluently Spanish, English, Serbian, German and Italian.



Trust is the main element of the client-lawyer relationship!

E-mail: claudiu.canureci@cccm.ro


We offer integrated judicial services in the business law, energy & natural resources, tax law, civil law, penal law,  labour law, intellectual property, environmental law, banking and real estate.  Contact us!

Adress: 141 Calea Plevnei Street, 6th District, Bucharest
Phone: 0735 249 249
E-mail: lex@cccm.ro

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