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SCA MOTORGA, CANURECI & ASSOCIATES, as a result of the practical situations appeared in relation to the intellectual and industrial property right, offers judicial assistance and representation, for the registration and exploitation of copyrights or of industrial property rights (inventions, utility models, industrial drawings or models, trademarks and geographic applications;).

In the last period, the phenomenon of disloyal competition, deceiving publicity and counterfeit has increased, and that is why, by continuous training, we have mobilized to offer our customers the best results in this field.

We get involved in the negotiation process together with our customers, in order to find an optimum manner for performing the transfer of intellectual and industrial property rights for the transactions regarding licences and technologies.

Also we deal with drafting and revising the agreements which have as subject the assignment of copyrights and transfer of trademarks rights by assignment or licence, with drafting and revising franchise, research and development agreements, sponsorship agreements, distribution agreements, etc.

From 2007, once Romania joined the European Union, we make sure that our clients' products/services are according to the antitrust regulations and policies of the European Union.

We ensure assistance and representation for our clients in the litigations which have as subject industrial property rights, copyrights and related rights or the right to image and private life, in front of the competent authorities and courts, such as: actions for the cancellation of the trademark, actions for the termination of the rights for a trademark, litigations related to disloyal competition, actions for the recognition of copyrights or recovery of patrimonial copyrights, actions resulting from the failure to comply with the transfer of property or of use on the goods in the field of intellectual property, actions for repairing the damage produced by affecting the private life, honour, dignity or image of a person.


We offer integrated judicial services in the business law, energy & natural resources, tax law, civil law, penal law,  labour law, intellectual property, environmental law, banking and real estate.  Contact us!

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