According the vision of our firm, professionalism is always the backbone of quality.


The essence of the strategy consists in creating a unique and valuable position, which implies a different set of activities in the client's interest.


The only place where the word performance appears before the word strife is in the dictionary.

SCA MOTORGA, CANURECI & ASSOCIATES offers to his customers and collaborators top services in the field, as well as the most innovative solutions, able to satisfy even the most demanding requests.

We aim for excellence under each aspect of our professional life, in order to offer quality, innovation and consistency, under all aspects related to the services we offer.

Our company's mission is to help the clients in reaching their objectives and this is something we manage by planning the proper strategies for obtaining the wanted results.

In time, our customers' needs continued to diversify, that is why our practice is well anchored in the judicial and social reality, and each solution is created to adapt perfectly to the client's needs, to bring collaboration to the highest standards existing the legal field presently.



Legislative News

The High Court of Cassation and Justice has decided that if the CASCO insurer (fully comprehensive car insurance policies) brought an action in recourse against the RCA insurer (civil liability insurance for car owners), which has not made the payment to the CASCO insurer under the conditions regulated by Rule 2008 [...]



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