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Motorga, Canureci & Associates offers services which can consist in issuing legal opinions, legal consultations and editing, changing or negotiating a wide range of commercial agreements and performing the procedures for their conclusion/termination. Also, we edit various requests and make steps in order to recover receivables.

We offer legal assistance in the commercial negotiation process for the interests of our customers in various legal procedures, and even the representation in front of the court of law, state authorities and business partners.

We support our customers from the incorporation procedure of companies, registered sole traders, individual traders, individual or family companies, non-profit companies (associations, foundations etc.) during their operation and, if applicable, until their dissolution or division.

For this, we prepare organization and operation regulations and ensure maintaining a good relation with the public institutions/authorities involved.

When the opportunities or the daily reality impose the change of the articles of incorporation, the exclusion or withdrawal of the shareholders, we support our customers, offering them the best legal solutions.

Considering our customers' interests to create joint ventures/undertaking associations, and merge nationally or cross-border or perform takeovers or public acquisitions, we also get involved in the due diligence procedure.

We offer legal counselling also in national and international transactions, mergers, divisions and any other aspects which interfere in the performance of a company's activity.


We offer integrated judicial services in the business law, energy & natural resources, tax law, civil law, penal law,  labour law, intellectual property, environmental law, banking and real estate.  Contact us!

Adress: 141 Calea Plevnei Street, 6th District, Bucharest
Phone: 0735 249 249
E-mail: lex@cccm.ro

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